Mountain Biking Orange County Book

Back in 2004, I was a total newbie in the mountain biking world, and admittedly, I had no idea where I was going. At the time, online guides for mountain biking were scarce and didn’t include GPS tracks. So I found my way around the old-fashioned way: I read books.

Mountain Biking Orange County, or what we all called “The Green Book” was the best resource around during my first couple years of riding. Not only was it my primary tool for navigation, it was also a great tool for motivation. It was also around this time that the 3F (three friends: myself, Danny and Jim) concept was born. In the nights before our rides, each of us took turns reading the guide of the ride we would be doing the next day until we all had pretty much memorized every page of the book. And after each ride, I would check mark it: DONE. It took about a year to get through most of the rides in the guide. Even to this day there are a few I haven’t tried (such as Wagon Wheel on page 87) and some I’ll probably never try like the Traverse Ride.

Riding with groups is great, and you learn a lot, but part of gaining experience in mountain biking is knowing how to navigate yourself. This book is a great resource to study!

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