2011 Project Rwanda Ride – 50 Miler’s Out and Back Section

So you’re thinking about doing the full 50 miles of this year’s 50 Mile Ride for Project Rwanda ride, huh? Well, here’s what you have to look forward to:

Cut off times:
10 AM @ Dove Canyon Waterfall (departing near Plano Trabuco / Dove Canyon)
11AM @ Station P (Which is approx 23.5 miles into your ride overall)
11:30 @ Station Q
11:40 @ Station R

For more information about these cut off times and stations, refer to the entire course map below.

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Overall stats for JUST this section:

Miles: Approx 23
Time: FOUR hours (which gives you 1 hour to get back to Cooks if you started started this at 10AM)
Climbing: Approx 2800′

Elevation Profile:

And here’s a map of just this section (Dove Canyon Waterfall to Casper’s and Back):
[gmap id=”1277″ width=”500″ height=”500″ clat=”33.591458″ clon=”-117.565998″ zoom=”-1″ type=”8″ control=”15″ mtcontrol=”31″ glink=”0″ /]

Thinking about bailing out when you get to Casper’s? Well, that’s a possibility of course, but I don’t recommend it. I tried it! It’s 19 miles on the road from the gate at Casper’s Park back to the Dove Canyon waterfall where you started your bonus adventure.

Thankfully, the weather forecast for Saturday 4/30 is about 10 degrees cooler than when I tried this section!

Looking for an easier option?

Try the 25 mile route.