3F Members are Racing?

Who would have thunk it? A few diehard mountain bikers from our sweet little 3F Bike Club decided to put their skills and endurance to the test yesterday at the first Over the Hump Race of 2010. No, they weren’t wearing 3F jersey’s, but they were there in spirt.

Check out the race results from May 25, 2010 here. (PDF)

Michael was happy to not get a DNF in his first ever MTB race.

Will performed about the same in his age group.

But the real star of the day was Deborah who narrowly missed a 3rd place podium spot by a mere 15 seconds. I’ll bet she’ll be turning up the after burners next time she’s that close!

Hats off to the racers, and hope to hear about mroe of us 3F’rs enjoying the races. OH yeah, and I guess that means if I’m gonna talk, I better go give the race a shot myself huh? There’s always next week.

—mark, 3F