Arroyo Trail – A Very Different Place since December 2010

The Arroyo Trail which I’ve talked about in the past as being a beautiful beginner route has changed: so much in fact that it’s nearly unrecognizable in some parts.

What used to be a completely rideable trail from the Cox Sports Park in Ladera Ranch, CA to O’Neil Park even with the known creek crossings has become a hike-a-bike trail at some parts which bumps this up from beginner to intermediate for sure.

Some of the water crossings can be ridden, but most cannot.

We saw a few large Sycamore and even Oak trees toppled over.

There are a some new “drop offs”.

The “Jungle” section is partially intact, but for the most part gone.

Within the “Jungle” section, we had to navigate past a big sink hole filled with water. The water in it is currently clear, but I can only imagine what this will turn into in a few months.

We saw a sign that used to stand eye-level buried in a few feet of sand.

It’s amazing to see this trail near the west entrance of O’Neil park which used to be at least two feet lower than it is now; it’s completely covered in sand.

So what can I say about the Arroyo trail in general? Well, it’s an adventure right now and it’s going to take a lot of work to re-establish a rideable trail through a lot of this 6 mile trail that connects the Ladera Ranch area with O’Neil park.

Go here for more photos of the area.