At Least FIVE New Trails in OC this Year

Can you believe that at least FIVE new trails were opened this year in Orange County? I’m having a hard time keeping up on reporting all this great news!

The new trails include:

How are trails built?

Legitimate trails take a lot of time, a lot of volunteer power (and in somes, a lot of money) to “go online”. The Share Mountain Bike Club has been working hard on our local trails for years. And they don’t get much recognition for all their hard work. But they certainly deserve it. So I’m encouraging everyone to become members of the Share Mountain Bike Club.

Your dollars go toward the tools and supplies needed to building great trails like the ones opened, thanks in a big part, to them this year. More importantly, I’m encouraging you to get out there and build trails with us. I personally participated in building three of these trails and I hold the proud designation as being the first legitimate mountain biking rider down all three of the ones I helped build. Wanna be the first person down a new trail? Build it!

Without organizations like Share MTB, there would be no new trails and the ones we have now would not be maintained. On top of that, participating in their yearly Poker Ride is a ton of fun. So sign up today and next time they ask for help, come help!

Go HERE for info on becoming a Share MTB member.