Big Tujunga Canyon Post-Fire Photos

Today I joined a few other volunteers and a representative of the Angeles National Forest Service for an introduction and planning meeting about what will be a many-years long photo documentation project of the post Station Fire burn areas.

For you out-of-towners, the Station Fire, which began on August 26, 2009 and continued for a month, devastated 160,577 acres of forest land; essentially ALL of the forest. You can read more about that fire here:

Our goal is to match up current photos with those taken over the past decades, and some which were taken over a hundred years ago. We plan to employ advanced techniques such as 360-degree photography and GeoTagging to supplement the Forestry Service’s GIS data.

Below are a few samples of what may result of this project.

Wildwood Picnic Area

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Big Tugunga Canyon Road Near 3N53

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3N27 – Near Big Tujunga Cyn Rd

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