Catalina Gran Fondo Organizers Sweeten the Deal with a Pre-Race Poker Ride

For those of us who are planning to ride in the 2012 Catalina Gran Fondo race, the event organizers have a special treat for you. Essentially, you’re now getting two great rides for the price of one! And (hint hint) if you happen to know somebody that’s ridden all around Avalon, you might have a special advantage for this ride!

Catalina Island Gran Fondo Poker Ride
FREE / Friday 3:30 pm – 6:30 pm

This event is free to all registered riders. Riders will ride to 5 locations in
Avalon and get a stamp on your poker ride card. There will also be a wild
card location.

Stamp locations will be available at registration. Hands will be dealt at
registration. Winners will be announced before registration closes.


  • Men’s Beach Cruiser
  • Women’s Beach Cruiser
  • Sho-Air Kit
  • Free entry into next years Gran Fondo
  • $20 gift certificate to the Lobster Trap

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