Christmas Gifts Supporting Project Rwanda

Looking for a cool gift for the mountain biker in your life that not only will make him or her happy, but also supports a great cause? Here are a few great ideas:

Buy a Team Rwanda Jersey

Team Rwanda Jersey

Buy an Entry to the Project Rwanda 2012 Ride

Last year 631 people showed up to the Project Rwanda ride. This year we’re hoping to see 800 riders and we’re going to be including a 10 mile fun ride option as well. Even a total beginner mountain biker is going to enjoy this year’s event!

Have a procrastinating mountain biker in your life that waits until the last minute to commit to things? Buy an entry for them! Nothing says, “I love you.” better than purchasing a loved one an entry into an endurance mountain biking event!

Make a Cash Donation to Project Rwanda!

It’s quick, it’s simple, and it helps Project Rwanda more than anything else you can do.

Buy Some Project Rwanda Socks!

Project Rwanda Socks

OK buying these socks doesn’t make a huge direct benefit Project Rwanda (only about a dollar per pair is donated), but indirectly they help get the word out about our 50 Mile Ride for Project Rwanda in April, 2012. If you can do nothing else, please at least buy a pair and wear them on rides often. But of course, be sure to wash them between rides! On that note, maybe you should buy a few pairs!