Clever Crowd Sourced Bluetooth Tracking

At $29.99 per tracker and available in several colors, this clever device is worth a look.  It’s small enough to tape to the bottom of your seat out of a thief’s view and runs off a small battery for several months.  How does it work?  Simple: via the Bluetooth connection that everyone has in their phone.  When you lose an item, you tell the system to search for your item.  If anybody is within Bluetooth range of your tracker, a system message is sent back to you with the device’s last known location.

Of course, you have to have the app and other people have to have the app too.  The inventors claim that thousands of people are signing up to use the app every day.  I took a quick glance at the coverage in my neighborhood and found nobody using it within a mile radius.  It was interesting to see a big grouping of these devices around the Disneyland area, so I think my bike would be safe around there!  Realistically though, I think it’s a little to early for this device to be a viable stolen bike tracker.  But you can at least find your keys with it.  And maybe one day you’ll have a super network of app users all around the globe to help you find your lost keys, or bike, or even a dog named Spike.

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