El Moro / Laguna Coast Wilderness & Buck Gully

This is an advanced beginner to intermediate level ride because of the time, distance, and climbing involved.

Meet near the end of the Buck Gully trail (Poppy and 5th in CDM).
From there, there will be a short street ride to the bike path that runs along PCH to El Moro (safe – no cars). We cross over PCH at a safe light to access El Moro.

Now last time we did this, we went straight up BFI. We won’t be doing that again! Rather, we’ll head up Moro Canyon and I Think I Can. Depending upon how people feel we may throw another single track and climb in for Emerald Canyon.

We’ll take Fence Line up to Ridge Park, and from there we do a short and fast road section down to the top of the Buck Gully trail. The next few miles are entirely downhill back to the car through a lush canyon.

Total distance will be about 15 miles with probably 1,500 to 2,000 feet of climbing. There’s water at the top of Ridge Park.

Get some good sleep and eat a small breakfast ’cause this is going to be a long ride! Count on a 3-4 hour adventure.

Here’s a map of our last trip there:

P.S. Ever wanted to try the Buck Gully trail, but don’t want to pay for it with all this climbing? I can shuttle a limited number of lazy bums back to the top. We should be at Ridge Park by 10:30AM.

Google directions:

Call Mark for info: 949-870-9493 or email mark@3fbc.com

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