Eye-Fi Pro X2 – Field Test #2 – EPIC FAIL

Yesterday I took my new toy, the Eye-Fi Pro X2 for a spin around town and found that the GeoTagging features were totally inaccurate.  In ranted about this in my blog post and also on Eye-Fi’s Facebook page.  One of the Eye-Fi social media reps suggested that I contact customer support, which I did and received no response.

In my first field test, I used a camera NOT on their known compatible cameras list. I noted that the syncing seemed fine with that camera but that GeoTagging was not accurate. Today, to be absolutely fair in my field test, I used a camera that IS on their list: my Canon PowerShot SX130 IS.

Results of Field Test #2

  • As recommended for Geotagging accuracy, I left the camera on for the entire test. Within about 15 minutes, my battery low meter was flashing. I’ve actually never seen that before. Granted, I used this same set of batteries for a two hour mountain bike ride last weekend, but I’ve had that camera out all day long for several days and have never had battery issues. Clearly, the Wi-Fi syncing to my iPhone was killing the battery QUICKLY. This alone makes the card impractical for field use.
  • I shot 18 photos. All of them synced to my iPhone. When I got to work, my iPhone was connected via WiFi and started transferring up to my Picassa account and to my home computer running the Eye-Fi Center. It’s been an hour and a half so far and only 5 photos have transferred. I even tried to manually force them to sync. Care to blame that on a slow network? I don’t think so. The speed at work is 29.88 Mbps down and 36.60 Mbps (that’s outbound) UP. My home network is currently running at 36.09 Mbps down and 5.06 Mbps up. So CLEARLY, network speeds are not an issue. So where are all the other photos? Each photo received was no larger than 3MB.
  • Although all of the photos I received were GeoTagged, they were all tagged with the same location which was at least 1/8th of a mile off. No big deal if all the photos were 1/8th of a mile off of their actual locations but, what about all the others? CLEARLY this card would be totally useless in the back country.
  • Card read / write errors: I noticed the camera had a memory read error today. This happened yesterday with my Panasonic DMZ-T50Z as well. And it’s never happened with any of the other memory cards I have. On that subject, I was looking into the specs on that card. It’s only a Class 6. My other cards are Class 10, which are among the quickest SD cards on the market. I noticed the write speed difference.

The bottom line: I’m totally unimpressed with the Eye-Fi Pro X2 and will be taking it back to BestBuy. Would I recommend it now after two days of field testing? Absolutely not – for any reason. Nice try Eye-Fi, but your products need some serious engineering fixes before they will be able to do what they claim they can do.