Eye-Fi Pro X2 Geotagging Field Test – FAIL

I purchased a Eye-Fi Pro X2 from BestBuy last night. Setting up the account and desktop software was a snap.

As for Geotagging, which was my primary reason for buying the card, I tried it at home near a known access point and that worked fine. But in the field while shooting photos from the car, it was a total failure. Even while standing in front of my office where I know there are many Wi-Fi access points, the card registered totally wrong coordinates.

So for that I would say that this product line is awesome – just not worth the extra fee for the Geotagging. I mean really, if it doesn’t work in the city, how could I expect that this card would do me any good on the trails?

Bottom line: Buy it for the ease of getting photos posted all over the net with no effort. It will sync with Picassa Web Albums, Facebook, Flickr, MobileMe, and even a custom FTP server with no effort at all after the initial setup.

Check out a map of the field test here. But note: All of these points were MANUALLY corrected within Picassa