Help Me Buy a SPOT Satellite Messenger

I’m Mark Warrick, the leader of the 3F Bike Club based here in Orange County, California. For the last 7 years, I’ve have been leading people on mountain biking trips into some of the most remote areas of California. I’ve been lucky so far, that nobody has ever been majorly injured on rides I lead and has never needed emergency rescue.

After a recent incident locally, in which two hikers got lost in our local mountains for days, I realized that cell phones just aren’t going to save us when we really need help. I’m asking for help to raise funds to buy one of these for me so that when I lead rides in the wilderness, the people in my group will always be safe in knowing that I can summon emergency support at a moment’s notice.

I would pay for it myself, but, I was recently laid off and just can’t afford it. I want to continue leading these trips even while I’m unemployed – safely – and into even more remote areas than our local mountains.

The total cost of the Spot Satellite GPS Messenger plus the required yearly services to activate it are about $250. So that’s fundraising my goal. Please help me to help others.

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