Help Reopen the Strawberry Peak Loop

The Station Fire of 2009, the largest ever in Los Angeles County’s history, devastated 250 square miles of the Angeles National Forest. For several years thereafter, nearly the entire forest was closed to public access. Some popular trails, such as the Gabrielino Trail West of Switzer’s Campground and the Strawberry Peak Loop which is in the same vicinity, were so badly damaged that rebuilding efforts have thus far been just a hopeful wish.

Strawberry Peak Loop

CORBA is an all-volunteer non-profit organization serving the mountain bicycling community of Los Angeles and its surrounding areas including southern Ventura County. They have organized a trail work day, one of many to come I’m sure, to work on the Strawberry Peak Loop. I highly recommend that you attend and help out. It’s going to be tough work, but the payoff will be great!

Some of my friends in the 3F Bike Club have never visited this trail. So if you’re curious to know what it used to be like and what it hopefully will once again become, check out the info in the trail guides on here: In summary, it was a beautifully designed technical trail requiring no shuttle and providing a great workout and awesome views of the Angeles Forest. With your help, the trail may reopen this year!

For more info about the scheduled trail work on February 16, 2014, and to make a commitment to give back to our trails, visit CORBA’s meetup event page: