How to Patch a Tubeless Tire

DISCLAIMER: This advice is intended to get you back to your car without having to walk there. It is NOT a permanent solution! If you have a major rip in your tire, nothing is going to help but a whole new tire.

Tubeless tires are great when they’re filled with fresh sealant like Stans No Tubes. They’ll prevent most flats from thorns and small sticks. But no tubeless tire will prevent a blowout from something the size of a nail. Worse yet, if you get large hole, even putting a tube into the tire won’t solve the problem. So how can you patch up the tire and get home?

Introducing the Park Tool TB-2 Emergency Tire Boot

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Of course, you’ll also want to have some extra sealant with you on those long trips. 2 oz is enough for one tire.

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BLOWOUT = Time for a new tire!

If your tire couldn’t hold air from Stans alone, it’s time for a new tire. Don’t ride with a boot any longer than you need to. You could end up ripping a giant hole in the tire while riding at full speed which would have severe consequences!