How to Prevent a Convenient Bike Theft

While no lock is safe from a bolt cutter, electric buzz saw, blow torch or an otherwise skilled lock picker, no lock at all is just asking for your bike to be stolen.

Consider a common example: you’re going riding around town and don’t want to carry much weight. So you leave that heavy U-Lock, chain link lock, or cable lock at home. On your ride, you want to stop into a store and grab some coffee. You think, “It will just be a minute. Nobody is around. I’ll keep an eye on it.” Before you know it, that moment you weren’t watching your bike was all the time in the world that the bike thief, who has been watching your every move, needs to swipe that bike away.

Here’s another great example: you’ve just finished up a bike race and decide to leave your bike in the pile with the hundred other bikes there. You think, “The honor code will stop somebody from taking MY bike“. Think again! If somebody really wants something of yours, they’re going to take it.

If you really value your bike, you will never leave it unattended. But if you must do so, at least be prepared with a simple anti-theft device which is lightweight, and will stop a thief long enough for you to notice that something is going on. This simple device is a gun lock.

The Master Lock Cable Gun Lock has a lightweight cable with an integrated padlock. The 14 inch scratch resistant cable is long enough to at least lock up the front chain rings. The would be thief won’t be able to ride the bike, and you’ll have time to intervene. Their only choice would be to pick up the bike and run. Can you chase a guy down running with your bike in hand? Of course you can! But again, don’t assume that people aren’t carrying around bolt cutters. And do keep your eye on it, even while it’s locked.

Weighing in at only 5.6 ounces, this won’t weigh your pack down much. And it could easily fit within a seat pouch. So if you ever think you’re going to leave your bike alone just for a couple minutes and don’t want the weight and bulkiness of a real lock weighing down your pack, get one of these!