I’ll Never Buy Padded Bike Shorts Again!

I recently bought a pair of Fox Ranger Shorts for about $70 from the Path bike shop in Tustin, CA. They are by far the best pair of mountain biking shorts I’ve ever bought (and I have a LOT of bike shorts).


In previous years, Fox sold an identical-looking pair of shorts with the same name, but WITHOUT the removeable inner-liner. So if you are planning on buying these online, make sure the product description matches what’s currently on Fox’s website.

After using these shorts on a few mountain biking trips, I’m fully convinced that I will NEVER BUY PADDED BIKE SHORTS AGAIN! To be clear, when I say padded bike shorts, I mean the kind of bike shorts where the inner padding is attached to the outer shell.

Advantages of Bike Shorts with Removable Inner Padding

    • The outer shell moves freely from the inner padding, which means that movement of your legs has less of an effect on your clothing, and consequently more comfort and less chaffing.
    • Because the outer shell is not connected to the inner padding, even if the outer shell moves down past the crack of your ass, the inner padding will stay put. Your riding buddies will thank you for that and you won’t get dirt in your crack!
    • Because of the two-piece design, you get more airflow “down there” which is immediately noticeable on hot days.
    • Outer shells and inner padding are interchangeable.
    • While the inner padding must be thoroughly washed after each ride, the outer shell is not that important. So on those all-weekend trips, you can bring a few extra inner padding liners and just keep reusing the outer shell. If necessary, you can hand wash the outer shell in plain water. The outer shell will hang-dry in no time compared to the inner liner!
  • If the outer shell happens to get muddy, and unless you’re worried about people seeing the bulge between your legs (I’m referring to the padding you sicko!), then you can leave the inner lining on and change in public into dry shorts to go over the inner liner before hopping into your car.

The Bottom Line

No matter which brand of bike shorts you buy, next time you’re shopping for bike shorts, I would highly recommend getting a pair that have a removable inner liner. Your “parts down there” will thank me for it later (and so will your friends)!