Just Because It’s on Google Maps and Strava, Doesn’t Make it Legal

I’ve talked about the Marie Calendar’s trail before – an obviously illegal trail within Laguna Coast Wilderness Park that is now clearly marked at the top end.  But within the last few months, another trail in that area called Lizard’s has shown up on Google Maps.  It’s no wonder why so many people are doing the trail!

Below is the trail marker and line for the Lizard’s trail on Google Maps:

And here is the segment for Lizard’s on Strava:

To be even more clear, I’ve marked the illegal trails with arrows:

Ignorance is Not an Excuse

Remember, it’s up to you to know which trails are legal, and which are not.  Just because you see it on Google Maps or Strava doesn’t make it legal. Even if you see the trail in a guide book, you should still check park websites before venturing out on some trails. And the bottom line is that if you really care about getting more access to our local trails, you won’t ride these trails until they are put on the map officially! And the more you ride illegal trails, the more likely it is that one day, you’ll see a sign like this at your favorite secret trail.

Below you’ll find links to the legal trail maps for Laguna Coast Wilderness Park:

And Crystal Cove State Park: