Keep the Trails Open in the Santa Ana Mountains!

The 3F Bike Club supports the International Mountain Biking Association’s (IMBA) efforts to designate all areas proposed by the USFS to be wilderness areas as non-motorized backcountry. This important distinction means the difference between continued mountain biking access or no bike access at all in key parts of our local mountain ranges. Locally, this could affect sections of Trabuco – one of the best mountain biking spots in the whole Santa Ana mountain range. That could mean no more Holy Jim, no more San Juan trail, nor anything in between. Across Southern California, thousands of acres of mountain biking opportunities may be lost.

You can read the entire Southern California National Forests Land Management Plan Amendment here. IMBA will be forwarding comments to the USFS via their petition, which you’ll find here.

If you enjoy mountain biking in the local mountains, sign the petition now!