Mentally Sensitive Trail Officially Opens Sunday 10/16/2011

The Orange County Parks website posted an alert late this week that the new “Mentally Sensitive” trail will be officially opening on Sunday, October 16, 2011.  This is the trail we worked on a few weeks ago, as shown in the related post below.

The 3F will be joining many others to ride this trail for the first time legally.  We’ll meet up at the main parking area of Aliso Woods at 8:00 AM and ride UP the Meadows trail.  From there we’ll join whatever ceremony is going on at the top of the new trail, and be one of the first riders down it!

This is an advanced trail, but if you don’t mind waiting in line and walking certain sections, anyone with a decent amount of trail experience is invited.

Special thanks to everyone who helped make this happen, including the Share Mountain Bike Club, Warrior’s Society, and other local area mountain bike groups.

For more information, visit the OC Park’s Website:

Want to join us? RSVP on Facebook: