Milkit Tubeless Tire Valve System Review

Some people swear by tubeless tires.  Others, like myself, have tried them and because of all the maintenance headaches, don’t use them now.  Assuming you have a perfect tire and rim combination (which is a whole discussion in itself) there are still other issues to deal with.  Things like sticky valves, valves that don’t stay seated, and the big one: not knowing whether or not you even have liquified sealant in the tires are enough downsides to outweigh the benefits of tubeless tires for me.   But I’m cautiously optimistic that a new product may solve those problems.

The Milkit valves and filling system seems to have finally done it right.  And here’s what I like about the concept:

  • You won’t lose all pressure if you remove the valve core.
  • You can check the fluid level and fill it without deflating the tire.
  • (They claim) the valve will not clog.
  • You can do maintenance on the trail.

Milkit Tire Valve System

If you’ve ever had to do maintenance on a tubeless tire while on the trails, you know it’s pretty much impossible.  For one thing, you have to pop the bead which exposes the tire to dirt.  Then you have to carefully squirt in the fluid, again without getting dirt on the bead.  We all know how difficult it is to mount a tire in the first place: it requires a clean environment, soap and water, and a very high pressure air tank to get the tire sealed up.

Here’s another scenario that I’ve personally witness several times: you’ve ran over some cactus needles and sealant is spewing out of several holes in the tire, but it’s not flat.  So what do you do?  Well you keep rotating the tire hoping that the sealant will fill the holes.  But what happens when all the fluid leaves the holes?  Or more often the case: what happens when you find out that all the fluid was already dried up?  Well, then you’re left with (a) popping the bead and adding more fluid or (b) putting a tube into the tire.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just add fluid without popping the bead and without losing any (more) air pressure?  The Milkit system seems to solve this problem.

You can get your kit on by following this link:

Company Website

Milkit Tire Valve System