Mt Lowe Fire Road is OPEN

In a previous post today regarding the newly re-opened Mueller tunnel, I reported that it appeared that the Mt Lowe fire road was within the Station Fire Closure area.

After several email exchanges today with Assistant Forest Engineer George Fara and Assistant Public Affairs Officer John Wagner, I’ve been informed that the Mt Lowe fire road is NOT within the Station Fire Closure area.

I double, triple, and quadruple checked with forest officials that with this in mind, it is possible to start a bike ride at the Eaton Saddle, come down the 2N52 fire road, through the Mueller Tunnel, and then continue down the Mt Lowe fire road to its end. If you stay on the fire road and don’t go anywhere west of it, you should be fine. If you venture off onto any side trails, just be sure to watch out for any closure signs and don’t enter any areas that are clearly marked as closed.

Be careful as you exit the Mueller tunnel as there is no guard rail on your left.

For reference, check out the Angeles Forest Service map for this area:

Enjoy the ride!