New Trail Set to Open Soon at Aliso & Wood Canyons Regional Park

For years, locals in the Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel and Aliso Viejo areas have been the ire of park rangers’ eyes as they have created and used illegal trails built around the Aliso & Woods Regional Park area. These illegal trails often take on names related to their geography like “Telonics” which ends behind the Telonic Berkeley company in Laguna Beach and “Art School” which begins near SOKA University in Aliso Viejo. Other illegal trail names like “Disneyland” have no apparent meaning.

Introducing the “Mentally Sensitive” Trail

Local lore has it that somebody defaced a sign at the top of this trail that was placed there to keep mountain bikers out of the area. The sign didn’t work!

Although this trail has been known to and used by these outlaw local mountain bikers for years, the majority of the population probably never knew it existed. This is namely because it’s outside the area people normally use in Aliso Woods. Had it been a more popular location like Telonics, there may have even been a yearly Super D downhill race down it (like there is each year on Telonics).

What is an Illegal Trail?

In all Orange County Parks, an illegal trail is one which is not on the official maps for the park. Many people believe that if there is no sign saying no bikes that the trail is legit. That’s simply not the reality. The official 3F stand on trails is that when in doubt, ask the officials first. If they say it’s ok, sign or not, then go for it. Otherwise, stay off unmarked county trails.

The Cat Gave Up. Everyone Wins!

After years of cat and mouse chases, the game is finally over for this trail. About forty volunteers from the Share Mountain Bike Club, the Warrior’s Society, the 3F Bike Club, and a couple other mountain biking groups gathered to dig, saw and weed whack this trail in preparation for its official recognition by the park as a legitimate trail. Word on the street among those in attendance is that the group we speak of (which shall remain nameless because they are so “rad”) were not interested in helping out with trail maintenance. We were not terribly surprised.

We’re really sorry that this band of poachers have lost yet another exclusive trail to the law-abiding members of society. Well, not really actually. But we are pretty happy to see another trail open up at Aliso Woods.

Where Is It and How Do I Get to It?

Once the trail officially opens, there are three ways you can use this new trail. There is no set date yet, but rumor has it the trail should open mid-October, 2011. Keep in mind that this is an advanced trail. And although it’s not nearly as dangerous as Car Wreck or Rockit, if you don’t watch your speed you’ll be needing a rescue team. Here are your options.

  1. Ride up it (Very steep in some sections. And until it gets a season of use, very loose in some parts. Even advanced climbers are going to have a hard time going up this trail.)
  2. Go up the Meadows Trail and then take a left. Just before the beginning of the next neighborhood, you’ll see it on your left. (Near the Corner of Del Mar Ave and Balboa Ave)
  3. Ride to the Top of the World, then head over to the Meadows trail head, and use instruction number 2 above.
Here’s a Google Earth view of the trail.
And here are some photos of the trail work we did today.