Register for the 2012 Share Poker Ride

The Share Mountain Bike Club Poker Ride, held annually for over 15 years, is going to be held this year at Santiago Oaks Regional Park on Saturday, May 19, 2012. You can sign up here. Proceeds from the event go to supporting trail work events throughout Orange County’s parks. So it’s a way of giving back to the trails that you use all the time, and trust me, Share does a LOT of work on our local trails.

Remember the bridge at Aliso Woods that got washed away in the storms of 2010? Share rebuilt that!

Remember the Mentally Sensitive Trail that opened up in October, 2011? Share built that!

Remember the Car Wreck trail that opened up in late 2010? Share built that!

Share’s volunteers work hard for you. Thank them by attending this event.

The cost is $10.00 for current Share MTB members or $40.00 for new members through May 13. After that the cost goes up another $5.00 for you procrastinators! In addition to the entry fee, you’ll also need to pay for parking at Irvine Regional Park ($5.00). Lunch vouchers are $10.00 (includes pasta and two free drinks – beer, soda or water).

Thinking that’s a lot of money to go for a bike ride? You’re gonna eat no matter what, you have to pay for parking every time you visit county or state park, and the first 100 riders to sign up get a $10.00 gift certificate to the Path Bike Shop. So really it’s not much to enjoy a fun ride with a hundred or so other people you know or will come to know during the event. Additionally, local bike shops and other sponsors donate a bunch of swag that you can win at the event. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!

What can you expect from this ride? Well, if you want to find every “station”, including the roaming joker, you’ll be doing about 15 miles of riding and probably upwards of 2,000′ of climbing. The event is timed, in that you have to get back to the BBQ area before the cutoff, but it’s not a race.

By the way, volunteers are always needed to make this event a success. Interested in helping out? Send a message to