Registration for the 10th Annual Fifty Mile Ride for Rwanda Begins at Midnight

Registration for the Fifty Mile Ride for Rwanda which is set for April 30th, 2016 begins tonight (12/15/2015) at midnight.  A low number makes you look fast! So stay up late and grab a low registration number.

More info about the event:

Register here:

Since the event venue has been moved, the 25 mile route had to be updated.  As one of the event’s planning team, I had the opportunity to preview the new route (a work in progress) last weekend.   I can tell you that while it follows much of previous year’s paths, the changes make it interesting and much more enjoyable, particularly near the end.  For one thing, that huge climb you did at near the end of the ride has been moved closer to the middle of the ride.  And rather than starting with a steep climb, you start with a gentle descent with sweeping views of the arroyo and Santa Ana mountains.  What goes down must come up of course, but the way out of the arroyo is pretty mellow.

We’re not posting route details until we make it official.  But here are some photos of our of planning adventure last weekend.