Repair a Tire with Zip Ties

I have mentioned many times before that zip ties should be part of every person’s essential tools and parts for every bike ride. I’ve spoken of how they can be used to repair front chain rings, seat stays and shifters among other things; so I thought I would show you how they can be used to repair a tire.

If you’re running a tubeless tire setup, tire boots won’t help seal up a hole. The adhesive won’t stick to the inside of a tire with sealant. It can be used to cover small holes and be supported just fine by an inner tube. But what happens when the whole is so large that it’s likely to rip further? That’s where zip ties come in handy. Used in combination with an inner tube and a tire boot (or piece of milk carton plastic) zip ties will provide the support and protection to get you out of the wilderness.

Zip Tie Tire

Tire with Zip Tie