Aliso Woods: Meadows to Cholla Loop

If you’re looking for a quick way to the Top of the World followed by pretty much all downhill riding, this is the way to go. The Meadows Trails is among the steepest within Aliso Woods, but it’s completely rideable. Be aware of people coming down and as a favor, give them some room. Even though all the trails in Aliso are two-way traffic, most people consider this one to be a “down” trail. Accordingly, when coming down the Cholla trail you should follow the overall rule that people coming up a trail always have the right-of-way. Over about 9.5 miles, you’ll do over 1200′ of climbing (600′ of which is up the Meadows trail), making this one of the most challenging routes within Aliso Woods.

Topo Map:

Elevation Profile