Crystal Cove State Park

Crystal Cove State Park (aka El Moro) is bordered by Laguna Coast Wilderness Park to the east and north east and the City of Irvine Open Space areas to the north. The main entrance is off Pacific Coast Hwy behind El Morro Elementary School where parking is $15 per day. NOTE: There is no other nearby free and legal parking to access the park from the main entrance. For that reason, many people choose to park at the top (aka Ridge Park) entrance.

Other Ways to Enter

You can enter El Moro via Bommer Canyon via the public West Fork trail. Parking is free from that direction.

Lastly, you can enter El Moro via Laguna Coast Wilderness Park (LCWP) via the Bommer Ridge trail which connects to both the North (via Laurel Spur) and South LCWP (via Willow) park areas. There’s parking ($5.00) along Laguna Coast Canyon Road at the main LCWP entrance (Willow) as well as the Nix Center entrance.