El Moro – No Name – Deer – Rattlesnake – El Moro – Fenceline

Crystal Cove State Park, more commonly known as El Moro, occupies 2,400 acres of coastal woodlands. Parks along its borders include Laguna Coast Wilderness Park and the Irvine Ranch Open Space Stay on designated trails only. If a trail isn’t on the posted signs, it’s an illegal trail. Also, entry into some parts of the Irvine Open Space area requires a special permit. All legal trail heads are marked.

Parking outside the Ridge Park Rd entrance to El Moro is free.

El Moro is open from from 6AM to dusk. The park is closed during days with any measurable amount of rain and sometimes for a few days after rain. Because of its proximity to the ocean, this is a great place to ride year round, and with the usual onshore clouds lingering until 10-Noon, temperatures stay considerably lower than inland rides.

There are many ways to ride El Moro including connections with the surrounding parks. This is just one of many options. This ride is a 10 mile loop with about 1,500′ of climbing suitable for intermediate level riders and experienced beginners looking to improve upon their climbing and technical descent skills. The trails are about half single tracks and half fire roads. Most of the climbing on the ride is done on the fire roads and most of the single tracks are downhill sections.

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Red Tail Ridge


Missing Link


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