Irvine Open Space via Quail Hill

The Irvine Open Space is only accessible during special programs.  See their website for upcoming open access days and guided mountain bike rides:

This route begins at Quail Hill Community Park.

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The Route:

  • From the parking area (either one) at Quail Hill Community Park, follow the paved trail at the east side of the park toward the south side of the park.
  • At the end of the park, a dirt path begins. Follow that path east to the Quail Hill trail.
  • Ride up the Quail Hill trail to its top.
  • Enter Irvine Open Space at Cattle Crest (right turn approx 2.5 miles into your ride overall, up a small hill).
  • Enjoy the ride down Cattle Crest, which ends up by the golf course.
  • Left on Shady Oaks (the road next to the golf course)
  • Keep riding toward Shady Oaks at the 3 way intersection
  • Shady Oaks eventually turns into a fire road. Stay on it. Do not go up the steep hills next to the power lines. They are dead ends.
  • Right on Serrano, toward the 73
  • Right on Hogback Ridge
  • Right on Ridge Route (awesome single track downhill)
  • Left at the pavement
  • Right on Bommer Meadows trail
  • Continue through Bommer Meadows to Shady Canyon Dr
  • Turn right at the bike path and follow it all the way back to Quail Hill

Distance: Approx 12.5 miles
Climbing: Approx 2000′

Here’s a map of the route:

Photos of the Route