Limestone Canyon > Box Springs Loop

NOTE: Limestone Canyon is only accessible during scheduled docent-led rides and open access days. For a list of upcoming events in this area, go to

As shown in the elevation profile below, here’s the route:

  1. From the Augustine staging area, go south on Limestone Canyon
  2. Go left on Limestone Spur
  3. Take the Limestone Ridge up, which is a narrow single track running along a fence most of the way and which eventually turns into a fire road.
  4. At the fire road, and turn right.

  5. Turn right at the Cactus Canyon intersection.
  6. Go left on Limestone Canyon; the “Sinks” will be coming up on your left soon.
  7. After the sinks, take your first right (East Loma). You’ll see an old water tower on your right.
  8. At the next intersection, Box Springs, go left.
  9. At the next intersection, a short spur off to the left leading into the trees is Box Springs.
  10. The fire road will eventually turn into a single track.
  11. Once at the top of the single track, you’ll reach the East Loma fire road again. ┬áTurn right, and complete the loop back to Box Springs.
  12. Back at the original split by Box Springs, go left and then a quick right on the road you came in on from the Sinks.
  13. Go left on Limestone Canyon, and take that all the way back to the staging area.

Here’s an elevation profile of this route:

And here’s a TOPO map of the area:

The route described above is a tough one as most of your climbing is done on single tracks – some portions of which you’ll have to walk. ┬áTo make this trip much easier (and probably more enjoyable), do the whole route in reverse.