Newport Back Bay Loop

The Newport Back Bay Loop can be started at any point throughout the loop, but this particular version of it begins and ends at the parking area for the Peter & Mary Muth Interpretive Center at the corner of University Drive and Irvine Boulevard in Newport Beach, CA. The dirt lot is closed after dusk and there is signage indicating that you shouldn’t be parked there after dark or face possible towing. So if you think you’re going to be in this area after dark, it’s better to park on the street.


This 100% paved route is good for all types of bikes and on today’s ride we saw everything from beach cruisers to sleek and expensive road bikes. The route can be particularly busy during the evening. Whenever you’re riding on the main paths, you should always stay in your lane of traffic and never ride more than two abreast. This is a multi-use trail used by all sorts of different people: walkers, runners, casual riders and road cyclists.

This is a great ride for people who are just starting out in cycling and a nice and relaxing ride for the more advanced riders. I think the best time of the day to ride here is in a couple hours before sunset when the weather is cooler and the colors around are just awesome. The total distance around the loop is just over 10 miles, and can easily be done even at a slow pace in about an hour and a half.

See the Strava Route for more details:

Or this Google Map: