O’Neill Park – Arroyo Trail

O’Neill Regional Park
30892 Trabuco Canyon Road
Trabuco Canyon, CA 92678
(949)923-2260 or (949)923-2256

The entrance to O’Neill Park is located along Live Oak Canyon Road in Trabuco Canyon. The map below shows the exact entrance location. Google Maps is off by about a half mile with their marker.

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The Arroyo Trail begins at the southwest entrance of O’Neill Park and follows Trabuco Creek south where it crosses over the creek at some points – all of which can be ridden when the water levels are low. Water levels during the summer are affected mostly by run off from the neighboring homes. The water is NOT safe to drink and all precautions should be taken to avoid eye or mouth contact with it. Also if you happen to get a cut while riding, you should clean it with antiseptic and avoid contact with the creek water. There is almost always at least a few inches of water in the creek. During the winter months, the creek sections can be quite deep and impassible. Beware of poison oak which is present in shaded, moist areas near water sources. Poison oak is especially vibrant in the Jungle section of this ride.

The ride described here is great for beginners. The Arroyo Trail is often used as a section of the Tijeras Creek Loop, so riders are likely to be moving in both directions on this trail. Extra care should be taken to watch out for hikers and horses. Whenever you are about to stop, check the ground and grass around you for rattle snakes.

On this beginner route, which is just an up and back (or should we say down and back since the first half of the ride is all downhill) there is only 425′ of climbing over 10 miles of riding. Riders will experience a blend of smooth and rough fire road surfaces, water crossings, and some really nice single track sections. The best part of this ride begins at about 4.25 miles into the ride: a section we like to call The Jungle. You’ll know it when you see it. Don’t touch the plants! The Jungle section is covered with Poison Oak.

This is Poison Oak:

This is what happens to you if you touch Poison Oak:

A Map of the Route:
Arroyo Trail at O’Neill Park

Elevation Profile:

The turnaround point facing north. The Arroyo Trail veers left back to O’Neill Park from this view while the Tijeras Creek Trail splits off to the right in this view.