Peter’s Canyon Figure 8 Loop

Peter’s Canyon is an excellent choice for newbie and beginning mountain bikers. The complete route around the park is about 6 miles. There are a few steep, but short climbs which most beginners will have to walk up at first, but with practice they’ll be just like any other climb.

This is a very popular park used by many hikers, mountain bikers and dogs. Once in a while you may find people on horseback there as well. Remember that people on foot and horseback have the right of way! Use caution around blind turns and downhill sections. Control your speed to avoid accidents and always be courteous to other trail users.

This ride route starts at the main entrance to Peter’s Canyon Lake along Canyon View avenue and heads west on the Lake View Trail around the lake and over the dam. From there, the loop continues up the East Ridge Trail (the first portion of which is called “Big Red”), down the Scout Hill single track, and returns on the Peter’s Canyon fire road back to the parking lot.

PLEASE NOTE: Public parking is no longer allowed in the Albertson’s shopping center. Be sure to park INSIDE Peter’s Canyon Regional Park.

The Standard Ride Route:

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Elevation Profile

Photos of Peter’s Canyon: