Laguna Meadows to Noble Canyon Downhill Run

Getting There

The address is 8806 Pine Creek Rd, Pine Valley, CA. Turn right into the parking area. A Forest Adventure Pass is required to park here. Leave a return vehicle here.

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Drive the other car up Sunrise Hwy (about 10 miles from where you parked at the bottom) to the top and park along the side of the road. A Forest Adventure Pass is required to park here.

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The meadows trail begins at this gate:

You’ll need a GPS to navigate yourself through the rest of the ride. You can download the track data at the site below.

Local Grub

No trip to Noble is complete without a stop at Major’s Diner!

Weather and Road Conditions

Noble Canyon experiences the full extremes of weather from blazing hot in the summer to freezing cold in the winter. Dress accordingly!

Weather for Pine Valley, CA

Supervising Forest Ranger Station (Cleveland National Forest):

Road conditions for Sunrise Hwy

During the winter, Sunrise Hwy may be covered in snow.

Near the top during the middle of winter, the trail may also be covered in snow, but unless there are several feet of snow, it’s can still be ridden. Once you enter the main canyon on the sunny side (east facing) and drop a thousand feet, there’s usually no snow for the rest of the ride during the winter.

Photos of Laguna Meadows / Noble Canyon