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The Monroe Truck Trail is a downhill run that begins at the top of Glendora Mountain Road and ends at the bottom of Glendora Mountain Road at the first left-hand turn in the road from the bottom. There is very little climbing involved, most of which is near the start of the ride on the fire road. The entire route is suitable for everyone from experienced beginners through advanced riders. You’ll notice on the way down that there are a number of “side” options as well for those who wish to challenge their single track descent skills. No matter which trail you choose, you’ll end up at the bottom. But note, if you take one of the trails heading off to the east, you’ll end up in Big Dalton Canyon. Simply follow the road back to the intersection if you happen to go down that way.

Although this ride can be done as an up and back from the bottom up, this ride description is for a shuttle downhill-only option and the ride described here brings you back to Glendora Mountain Road as opposed to the Big Dalton Canyon option.

Park one vehicle near the intersection of Glendora Mountain Road and Big Dalton Canyon Road in Glendora, CA. Drive the other vehicle approximately 8.7 miles to the top of the Monroe Truck Trail and begin your downhill journey from there. The route begins as a fire road, turns into a double track, and eventually turns into a single track as you get lower down the mountain. Near the bottom, the single track trail goes through a riparian area that may include some stream crossings depending on the time of year. At the bottom of the Monroe Truck Trail, turn left on the road to get back to the car you left at the bottom.



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