Sunset Ridge Fire Road (Downhill)

This is a mostly downhill route that begins near Mt. Baldy Village on Glendora Ridge Rd and ends in an upscale gated neighborhood near the intersection of Golden Hills Rd and Wheeler Ave, La Verne, CA.

Be careful where you park your return vehicle at the bottom and also where you park near the trail head. Watch the signs! A Forest Adventure Pass is required to park along Glendora Ridge Rd.

The first three miles of the ride is a gradual climb, gaining 1000′ of altitude. Then you get a mile and a half of downhill (losing 500′), followed by another one mile gradual climb, gaining 200′.

At around the 5.5 mile marker, you begin a super fast 5.5 mile downhill run, losing 2,000′ of elevation. You’ll do a couple small climbs from there for another mile, gaining another 200′.

From about the 11 mile marker to the end, you’ll enjoy another 5 miles of solid downhill bliss, ending in a gated neighborhood at the bottom. Depending upon where you parked, you’ll need to navigate yourself from there.

NOTE: Signs at the bottom of this fire road (pointing back toward where you came) say No Trespassing, however, the fire road itself is not private land. (Just be sure to stay on it!) There has been a dispute going on for years about access to the final half mile of this road but so far it has not been officially closed. Just like Blackstar, it’s just a way of scaring off people that don’t know any better.

Another NOTE: Because of the gated community below, this trail is not accessible as an up and back ride. You can get out, but you can’t get in!

Elevation Profile:

Basic Stats:
Mileage: Approx. 15 miles (19 for the Marshall Canyon exit route)
Climbing: Approx. 2300′
Descent: Approx. 5300′

Photos of Sunset Ridge Fire Road:

Actual Garmin Stats for this Ride:

Sunset Ridge Fire Road (Down) GPX Data

Wait! There’s More!

If you’ve ever ridden the Marshall Canyon area, you’ll recognize that the bottom of Sunset Ridge is just a few blocks away from the typical Marshall Canyon route over by the golf course. So rather than ride back on the street to your car, you could take that route, as illustrate in these Strava stats:

An Important Note: Don’t try dropping in off the ridge to Marshall Canyon

When you look at the map areas of Sunset Ridge and Marshall Canyon, it seems like you could connect the two routes. The area behind Marshall Canyon up to Sunset Ridge is technically off limits. Also, it’s a pretty steep drop and probably wouldn’t by much fun unless you had a downhill bike.

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