Cook’s Corner to the Luge via Santiago Truck Trail

One of the most popular routes in Orange County becomes even more popular during the winter months when after rain, it’s one of the few nearby locations to ride. It’s also a great place to ride at night. The route shown below is the “short route” where you gain about 1165′ in just over 4 miles and return down the “Luge”. The initial climb up the Modjeska Grade Rd is fairly steep, but once you’re on the dirt it’s a mellow incline all the way to the flag.


In the past, people would park in the dirt lot behind Cook’s Corner. But some have reported issues with the management. To be safe, park along Ridgeline Rd.

Santiago Truck Trail to the Luge Map

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THe “Old Camp” Option

If you want some extra climbing and distance, keep heading up when you see the flag until you reach a trailhead for a single track leading down to the left at around 14 miles. At that point, just turn around and head back down to the flag. This bonus option doubles your overall effort.

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