San Juan Downhill via Blue Jay Campground

This is a shuttle ride. Leave one car at the bottom of the San Juan Trail and drive the other to Blue Jay Campground. A Forest Adventure Pass is required to park at both locations.

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The San Juan Trail (downhill) is somewhat advanced trail consisting of 100% single track trails. At some parts, it is very rocky and some walking may be required. Cell phone service generally does not work out there, and there is no access for fire trucks in most places. Therefore care should be taken to not take too many risks, as getting help to you would require a helicopter ride and hours of waiting for help. Full pads and a good helmet are highly recommended. Also keep in mind that this is a two-way trail and that those coming up the trail have the right of way. You can find hikers, mountain bikers and horses all along the trail, but the horse riders generally avoid this trail.

Photos of the San Juan Trail