Santiago Truck Trail to the Luge to Live Oak Trail

Sure we all know about the Santiago Truck Trail to the Luge loop that ends with a high speed descent down Live Oak Canyon Road, but have you ever tried this route? This “bonus” section takes you up and over one more ridge (about a 5 minute climb on a paved road) and ends with a mostly dirt descent followed with a fire road that runs parallel to Santiago Canyon Rd. It’s well worth a couple extra miles to try it!

NOTE: Monastery Rd is on Google Maps and it’s on the park map for O’Neill. There are no “no trespassing” signs at the beginning of it, leading me to believe that this may be a “grey area” road which won’t be enforced. There is one sign indicating no-bikes (odd considering it’s a paved road) but that does not appear to be an official county sign. This well-known-to-locals road connects the northern entrances of O’Neill park. You’ll find people on it all the time. Just be respectful should anyone happen to stop you. It’s a short connector to the top.