Sun 7/22 @ 9AM – Big Bear

We’re joining up with our Mountain Biking Buddies from the IE for this ride. This is a casual day of riding – no hardcore downhill action here. But it’s also not a beginner ride.

We’ll do our first run at 9AM so get there early and be ready. If you get there late, you might not see us all day!

Here’s a map of the known trails in the Snow Summit area:

*Helmets are required for all mountain bike riders using Scenic Sky Chair

Only cross-country style bikes are permitted on the Scenic Sky Chair. No downhill specific bikes will be transported. Any one of the following four factors will disqualify a bike from being transported on the chair.

1. Bikes must be less than 35 pounds.
2. Designated tire size must be less than 2.5.
3. Front shock must have less than 6.5 inches of travel.
4. Bikes must have at least two chain rings unless they are single speed.

The all day access pass is just $25.00.

Looking for a place to stay in Big Bear? Try the Big Bear Adventure Hostel.

Ask for Richard or Grayson and let them know you’re with 3F.


Have questions about the ride? Call Mark at 949-870-9493.

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