Sun 7/29 @ 8AM – Tour de Irvine Hills

Get ready for some serious hill grinds and a lot of beautiful scenery because I’m going to take you on a big time tour of the single tracks in Irvine. This is definitely a solid intermediate level ride which will leave you exhausted and test your bike handling skills.

We’ll start with a gentle 6% road climb / fire road up Summit Park to the top of Turtle Ridge where we’ll enjoy our first blazing fast single track downhill. From there we’ll pass through Bommer Meadows and then take the Shady Canyon bike path up to Turtle Rock. But trust me, the climbing is far from over at this point because then after a short paved section we’ll be back on some seriously steep sections of trails leading up to Suicide Hill. And if you thought at that point it couldn’t get any worse, from there we’ll head over to Concordia Hill – a 25% grade that almost nobody can completely clear but with some determination you may be one of the lucky few. Finally, we’ll head through Mason Regional Park and the rest will be a relatively flat cool down return on the San Diego River bike path.

There’s plenty of water along the way and we’ll stop and take breaks as needed. Just make sure to bring food. Count on a four hour ride over about 20 miles with over 2,000′ of sometimes painful climbing.

Please call Mark at 949-870-9493 with any questions.

Are you ready for this challenge? I hope so because I’m itching to get out on the bike again.

P.S. Bring a swim suit if you want to stop by my place after the ride and lunch.

Directions to Los Lomas Park:

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