The SPOT-2 Personal Tracker

The SPOT-2 Personal Tracker is a must have for anyone that likes to get lost in the wilderness by themselves. It’s also handy for a group of people!

What is it?

The SPOT-2 Personal Tracker has a few main functions:

  1. It periodically sends a “ping” to a satellite with its location. Family members and friends can check a special website while their loved one is on their journey to see where they are on the planet – anywhere!
  2. One button enables the user to send a “help” request to a designated contact.
  3. Another button enables the user to send an “I’m OK” check in at any point along their route.
  4. Most importantly, the SOS button enables the user to call for emergency assistance. As soon as that button is pressed, the GEOS International Emergency Response Center alerts the appropriate agencies worldwide – for example contacting 9-1-1 responders in North America and 1-1-2 responders in Europe.

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Spot Connect

If your loved one has an iPhone, for about the same price you can buy the Spot Connect device. This handy personal GPS tracker connects to your iPhone with Bluetooth and a free app for the phone. It’s pretty cool and surely your techie-minded adventure enthusiast will love it.

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SPOT Service Plan

Keep in mind that in order to activate the tracking and location features of the SPOT Personal Locator, a $99.99/year service plan is required. Click here for more information.

Give the Gift of Peace of Mind

The last thing you want to worry about is locating your loved one. Seriously, would you even know who to call? Get the SPOT Personal Tracker and you’ll have the peace of mind that your loved one is just a button click away should anything ever go wrong.