Top 19 Excuses to NOT Go Mountain Biking

No matter what time of the year, I’m bound to hear a plethora of excuses of why people can’t go mountain biking. I mean seriously, I think I’ve heard them all. I wouldn’t consider my list here an exhaustive one, but perhaps my all time favorites. So here we go folks. Have you ever caught yourself using one of these excuses?

  1. It’s too (hot/cold/wet, etc) to ride!
  2. The start time of the ride is too (early/late).
  3. My (fill in the blank) won’t let me go.
  4. My bike is in the shop (or my bike needs maintenance).
  5. Something I (ate/drank) last night didn’t agree with me (i.e. liquor) or I’m just generally not feeling well.
  6. I don’t want to drive that far to ride.
  7. I’ve done that ride so many times that I’m bored of it (usually a ride close to home and usually the same guy using the excuse above).
  8. The guys riding with you are too (fast/slow) for me.
  9. There is (too much/not enough) climbing in that ride for me.
  10. That ride is too (long/short).
  11. I need to be back by (fill in the blank) to (fill in the blank), so I can’t ride.
  12. That ride is too (easy/technical).
  13. I over trained yesterday or don’t want to over train today because a better ride is going on tomorrow.
  14. My (wife/girlfriend/roommate) has my car.
  15. My bike isn’t good enough for that ride.
  16. I have no money for gas.
  17. I met a cute (girl/guy) last night and didn’t get to sleep until (fill in the blank) last night.
  18. My bike is dirty.
  19. I forgot to pickup my riding jersey from the dry cleaner.

Got any other good ones to add to the list?