Track Your Facebook Events in Your Google Calendar

There’s nothing new about being able to use your Google Calendar to track all your events in Facebook, but the process has changed slightly over the years.  What’s really nice about doing this is that if you have your phone synced up with Gmail and your Google calendar, events will automatically appear on your phone.  And with a little tweaking of the events in the Google calendar, you can also setup reminders.  But that’s a whole different discussion!  For now, I’ll show you how to sync up your Facebook events with Google calendar.

Once logged into your Facebook account, click on your events, then at the top right of the list, click the question mark, and then Export Events.  A popup window will appear with your “webcal” address.  This is your private link to your own events on Facebook.  I’ve obscured the identifier for my Facebook webcal address.

Copy the webcal address.


Next, login to your Google calendar.  In the left column, near the bottom, click the arrow next to “Other calendars” and then click “Add by URL”.

In the popup window, paste the webcal address for your Facebook events feed.

It’s up to you whether or not you want to make this address publicly accessible.  But I would advise NOT doing that since anyone in your friend list can add an event to your calendar.  Finalize your changes by clicking “Add Calendar”.

In a few moments, your events will be pulled into your Google calendar, and they will continue to be imported automatically.  I have sorted my list here by “Agenda” mode.

You can manage the events with Google calendar or on your phone if it’s synced up.  But note that changes don’t post back to Facebook (yet – now wouldn’t that be a nice feature for Facebook to add?)

You can also do this with Outlook by adding an RSS feed, but really, who uses Outlook anymore?