Weds. 5/16 @ 6PM – Ride of Silence, Irvine

Surely by now you know personally, or know somebody that knows a person killed tragically by a car on a public road while they were riding their bike.

The Ride of Silence, which happens every year, is a time to reflect on loved ones lost and/or to provide comfort to those most connected to these events.

This ride is guided by police through the streets of Irvine. There is a code of silence during the ride which hopefully will give you some time to think very seriously about those around you now, and those lost.

Why attend this ride? For us if nothing else. For compassion and empathy and hopefully while we’re blocking traffic for an hour, to remind all drivers on the road that we are there Sharing the Road with them too.

Whether you attend this event or organize one locally for your friends, please take this day to remember.

Wear a BLACK band on your arm if you KNOW SOMEONE who was injured or killed on their bike by a motorist. Wear a RED band if YOU were injured by a motorist.

Afterward we’ll have dinner nearby.

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